AC and DC Distribution Panels

AC and DC panels

The Propel Electric AC and DC Distribution panels are designed for on-site customization of distribution. Adding or removing circuits is easily done in the field.
The panels are designed for single, two or three phase distribution and can incorporate source on/off indication.  They can be supplied up to 54 consumer slots, allowing for complex sub-panel distribution being simplified with easy overview.
 Additional highlights of the AC and DC Distribution Panels:
  • Single phase Consumer
  • Two phase Consumer
  • Three phase Consumer
  • 0.5 to 63A per consumer
  • Compact design
  • Power “Source On” Indication

The Propel Electric Alarm Panel is a cost effective solution, with the possibility of monitoring up to 32 individual points. The inputs can accept Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts. Each input can be programmed to control both of the two alarm relays for group alarm outputs. All inputs will, in default mode, activate the alarm relay and the siren relay.
Cable monitoring provides extra security to the alarm system. Configuration either by dip switches on the back of the unit or by PC.
Additional highlights of the Alarm Panels:
  • 8, 16, 24 or 32 alarm points
  • Compact design
  • Easy to Install
  • 24VDC Supply
  • Normally open or normally closed inputs
  • Programmable delays for each individual input
  • Color option for alarm indication
  • Built in Buzzer
  • Delay from 25mS to 999S

Alarm Panels

Alarm panels

Alarm Panels

Custom Automation Panel / Custom Power & Control Panel

Custom Automation Panel



Propel Electric custom-engineers an endless variety of specialty control panels for industrial marine and yachting clients.  The specialty panels include:
  • Water Jet Panels
  • Main Engine Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Programmable Logic Control Panels
  • Consoles
  • Touch Screen Panels

The Propel Electric Custom Monitoring systems is built so together they will provide a complete vessels monitoring system that can include:
  • Bilge monitoring
  • Engine monitoring
  • Auxiliary engine monitoring
  • Generator Electric Monitoring
  • Shafts bearing temperature
  • Compressor running time monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Valve positioning
  • DC systems monitoring
  • And many more features
The system is custom-designed to fit your specific needs with analog, switched, data, and calculated inputs to be remotely collected and processed at a central point for further display in simple and clear indication of status and alarms.
 Designed to meet and beat any marine approval requirements.
Additional Highlights of the Custom Monitoring Panels:
  • Up to 10,000 monitoring points
  • Displaying possibilities on board up to 32 locations
  • Remote monitoring on shore is possible
  • 24VDC powered
  • High capacity processing power for no delays
  • Off the shelf parts for quick in-field support

Custom Monitoring System

Custom Monitoring Panel

Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panel

The Propel Electric Fire Alarm Panels are designed for SOLAS and ABS approval.  The system consists of distributed fire monitoring points that can detect heat, smoke and rate of rise via conventional detectors.
The system is supplied from multiple 24VDC sources to ensure if one source is lost the others will continue to keep the system in full function.
With small zoning, the location of a fire can be quickly located and stopped.  The system will re-alarm should a fire be acknowledged but remain for a prolonged time.
Additional Highlights of the Fire Alarm Panels:
  • Conventional system
  • Heat, smoke, rate of rise detectors and fire pulls
  • Three power sources available
  • Bridge alarming
  • VDR and monitoring system data optional connection


The Propel Electric Generator Control panels are designed with the customer in mind and to fit the specifications required for the oil field and yachting industry. The many requirements we meet are ABS, USCG as well as IEEE45, among others.
 Additional highlights of the Generator Control Panels:
  • Control voltages from 63 to 690VAC direct or up to 14.4kV with PT.
  • Easy installation
  • Adaptable to any existing system
  • PLC and touch screen monitoring of system
  • Speed and voltage control
  • Power Management

Generator Control Panel 

Generator Control Panel

Ground Fault Detection Panel

Ground Fault Detection Panel

The Propel Electric Ground Fault Detection panels provide durable and detailed functionality by both indicating the amount of current lost to ground as well as supply two alarm set points with time delays for remote alarming.  The installation is easily done, by slipping a current transformer over the ground lead, and tying it into the panel.  The proximity of the two can be up to 250 feet.
 Additional Highlights of the Ground Fault Detection Panels:
  • For systems up to 600VAC
  • 24VDC or 120VAC Aux supply
  • 0-5-25A Indication
  • Two alarm set points
  • Delays of 0-30 Sec

The Propel Electric Motor Control panels are manufactured to the requirements of you the customer.  We can make them with either Variable
Frequency Drives or Soft Starts.  The power management of either is easily handled from the front of the panel and/or remotely, by providing flexible control circuits.
The dynamic breaking and V/Hz starting control extends the life time of the motor.  Countless years of knowledge helps to ensure worry free running.
 Additional Highlights of the Motor Control Panels:
  • 5-1500A panels
  • Separate adjustable start and stop times
  • RS485 communication for remote control
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Six error/trip indications: AC Supply, Control Supply, Overheated, Bypass Failure and Shear Pin
Approvals available to meet UL, CSA and ABS standards, among others

Motor Control Panel 

Motor Control Panel

Navigation Light Panel 

Navigation Light Panel

The Propel Electric Navigation Light panels are designed for either AC or DC navigation lights.  The system is designed with the bridge crew in mind, so the quick overview of the functionality of the NAV Light Panel is facilitated by removing clutter from displays.
The quick-to buttons on the screen will enable easy switching form one navigation mode to another without having to deselect specific lights and select others.
Alarming for faulty lights is standard and can be optionally conveyed to VDR modules and Monitoring Systems.
Additional Highlights of the Navigation Light Panels:
  • Up to 128 light monitoring and control
  • For AC or DC systems
  • Easy automated switch between upper and lower bulbs
  • Dimmable displays

The Propel Electric Pump and Valve control panels are designed to have no weak links in the system.  The individual panels are connected to a particular number of valves, and with standard rugged data communication the position of the valves and efficiency of the pumps is centrally displayed on multiple stations.
With a valve connected to the system, not only can a full open or closed position be indicated but also its percentile of gap.  The logical drive of the valves can be designed to automatically permit a pump to be started when and only when a set combination of valves is open.
Additional Highlights of the Pump and Valve Controls:
  • For up to 300 valves and 16 pumps
  • 24VDC control power even when black out conditions are present
  • Building block design
  • Universal valve connection
  • Safety lockouts with password protection

Pump and Valve Control Panel 

Pump and Valve Control Panel